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Saturday, June 29, 2013

FAjitaville R & R

Fajitaville - Friday nights will never be the same. I stopped here Friday night for some R & R with a few friends. I really have needed it and the view of the beach area just made everything worth it.

So I had a marvelous time with friends until late in the night. I can tell you the place has come a long way since it first opened. I can't say it's perfect yet. The food still needs a lot of tweaking. However, our waiter - Jake- was awesome and attentive for the 6 hours we were there on the porch. The drinks were refreshing and the ambiance was unbelievably laid back and relaxful. We had the potato skins with chicken and beef, I wish they hadn't put the gravy over them. That killed it for us somewhat. We had the bacon wrapped jalapeno's stuffed with cream cheese and shrimp. These were unbelievable and I should have ordered a second basket. It was a great night for all. So go ahead and check it out.

Flipped Classroom Model

Well, our school is going to work with the flipped classroom model next year! On top of it, John Samara of the Curriculum Project will be assisting teachers on our campus to help make improvements in our teaching, give us a stronger interactive classrooms, and more hands on learning. I am looking forward to this and have begun reading up on the Flipped Classroom. On top of that I have increased my summer reading with the Instructional Strategies for the Middle and Secondary Social Studies and the Flipped Classroom.  There are other books I will post about for reading, but this is all for now. I am getting ready to enjoy a well earned vacation back east of which I will post multiple pictures. Hope Everyone is enjoying their summer! Becky

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer has Arrived

 Well Summer has arrived. This would normally mean I have a life outside of school back. However, I have decided to work summer school. I know I am either a glutton for punishment or love teaching a whole heck of a lot. I think I will go for the last one. Our School Field Day was a rousing success!

As you can see, I made myself a target of Great Joy to Students. Yes, I volunteered for the Dunk Tank! Thankfully I was smart and chose to be the first one inside it.
The students had fun and enjoyed a day to be kids! It was a great reward for all their hard work and effort through the year! I salute the 8th grade class! They were an awesome group. I will miss them all, but am excited for their future success! 7th graders turned 8th graders I will see you next year! Enjoy your summer!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Foodies on the Road: Atomic Omelette

Foodies on the Road had the chance to visit the Atomic Omelette over Spring Break.
We had heard great things about the Atomic Omelette so this was our chance to check out a little bit of their fare with a relaxed atmosphere. Upon arrival we found that Atomic Omelette is located in a small strip mall which made parking difficult. Once parked we entered the establishment. This was our fist visit so we were a little confused because there was no explanantion on whether to sit down or wait at the registers. Since many were milling about near the registers we took our cue from them. It a good 20 minutes to get waited on and even acknowledged by the staff. The entry area is small so many people had to stand outside. There seemed to be some confusion at the front from the people at the registers so our wait was longer than normal.
      There are a variety of items on the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, my friend chose the traditional breakfast while I chose the ham and cheese omelette. Understand this is not your run of the mill omelette place. You can build your omelette in any way you want. My companion and I loved this feature and think the owner is on to something cool. Once we ordered there was no explanation to what we did next.
 I do understand this was a busy restaurant, however, it would have been nice to have a little direction. My dining companion and I did not understand we needed to go up and get out own silverware, and other items. Once seated you choose where you sit. Our meal was brought to us within 15 to 20 minutes. Our food was flavorful, cooked well. Both came with a side of fruit and were plated perfectly.The price was a little high for breakfast, but we assumed this was due to the specialty name of the restaurant.

We had a nice time and enjoyed ourselves there. I will say we only had one visit from our wait staff. Most of the wait staff we noticed were standing around chatting with each other near the kitchen. We had no managers come through as they seemed to be discussing something near the registers. Overall, we were kind of disappointed in our visit. We plan to go back as we think that the problems were temporary.

Food Rating: 4 Stars
Price Range: $$
Go ahead and try it out, but be prepared to wait.
Note: All pictures take from the Atomic Omelette website as we dropped the camera at the beach that day.

Foodies on the Road: Urban Fair Cafe

Foodies on the road! I have to tell you all about Urban Fare Cafe. Urban Fare Cafe combines the nuances of middle eastern cooking with art and music. It's menu runs the gambit from panini's to masala. If you are looking for a place with vegetarian dishs, here it is. If you are looking for a place with flavorful meat and herbs combined, You have found it! If your looking for a place to expand your pallet, this is the one! While the online Menu covers a wide variety of their offerings.

My dining companions enjoyed a Butter chicken rice bowl, the wild alaskan salmon burger, and I chose the coconut thai curry with chicken rice bowl! All dishes came portioned out appropriately. Not this over portioning you get at many restaurants. The food was flavorful allowing for the diner to experience the wide range of spices and herbs within the dish. All food is freshly made while you wait. Urban Fare also has a nice variety of desserts that are not too heavy and just the right size. You can enjoy your dessert with a nice cup of Chai tea. It is not the saccharin sweet affair you get from Starbucks. No this is the real thing! Brew to perfection while you wait! The owner and wait staff were attentive and ready to help.
Friday night music
The cafe is decorate in modern fare with local artists work hanging on the walls.!
Friday and Saturday evenings local musicians play for your entertainment.The menu is reasonably priced and well worth the expense.

Food Rating: 5 Stars
Price Range: $
Highly recommended!
On a Scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best and 1 the worst.
Price range explanation:
$ = 15.00
$$ = between 15.00 -30.00
$$$ = 30.00 - 45.00
$$$$ = 45.00 and above

Sunday, April 15, 2012


This has been a year of firsts. I was voted Most Inspirational 8th grade teacher by the student body for 8th grade. I have now been voted a TOY, Teacher of the Year for my campus. Just click on toy and check it out. I was very surprised. No more like "Are you sure you have the right person?" surprised. Amazing.


WELL, I am going to try and keep up with this blog. It seems I never have time throughout the year to do so. I am ten days from STAAR testing in History. I am praying that my students are able to pass the test. They have worked hard and seem like they are ready, however, you never know. Especially with this being a new test. One of my favorite sites for my students is Colonial Williamsburg. This gives an interesting overview for the kids and interactive activities. Another is Hippocampus. The hippocampus website has the testbook online and will even read it for you. A few months ago when we were studying Westward Expansion I had the students create Diorama's of a scene from Lewis and Clarks "Corps of Discovery" Journey. Here are a few pictures above of how they turned out. The overall project worked out well. Well that's all for this post! Enjoy Life, it's an adventure.